• How To Remove Carpeting Prior To Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    When planning the big renovation of ditching your carpeting and restoring your original hardwood floors, you will need to start by removing all of your home's carpeting. Carpet removal is a job that a general contractor can do for you, but consider doing it on your own to save money. Keep Your Carpet Neat A mistake that many homeowners make when they start removing their carpet is to start ripping it out any way that they can.
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  • What You Need To Know Before Staining Your Own Deck

    Depending on the type of stain and sealant you use, you should generally have your wooden deck re-stained and sealed every one to five years. The cost of hiring a professional to do the staining for you can be quite high, however--especially if you have a larger-sized deck. Therefore, you might be considering the option of doing your own deck staining and sealing. While this can certainly be a great way to save money, there are a few vital things you'll want to know before you decide to take on a deck staining project yourself.
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