Tips To Protect Your Rural Property From Fire

Posted on: 23 November 2016

Fire danger can be a real concern if you own a rural property. It only takes one spark to send the trees on your land up in flames. The fire can quickly spread to your home or any buildings on the property, as well. The following tips can help you increase the fire safety on your property.

Tip #1: Consider fire-resistant materials

Metal or slate roofs won't combust if a spark lands on them, which can be a concern with traditional asphalt shingles. You way also want to consider steel siding or a brick home to further minimize fire danger. When building sheds and outbuildings, manufactured metal buildings are often an economical and fire resistant choice.

Tip #2: Use a buffer stone

Non-organic matter is not going to burn, so use it to create a fire-free buffer zone around the buildings on your property. Paving and rock mulch are the two most common options. Make this buffer a couple of yards wide to cut down on the chances of a spark traveling to the building. You can further widen the buffer zone by clearing the area of brush and growing an irrigated lawn, which is more fire resistant than dry meadow grasses.

Tip #3: Trim back overhanging trees

Large trees that overhang your home may seem like they provide necessary shade, but they can pose a real threat. Trim back their branches so they don't come near the house. A tree can quickly become a torch during a fire, and you don't want the blaze to spread to the building that the tree overhangs.

Tip #4: Install a sprinkler system

A sprinkler system can be turned on in the event that flames threaten. This can help wet down the area immediately surrounding any buildings so that it is less likely that the flames will spread to the home or outbuildings. You can even get systems that you can control remotely, in the event that you aren't home when a fire is encroaching.

Tip #5: Clear out any brush

It's a good idea to have the underbrush cleared out on your property, even if your main intention is to leave it wild. This is because the dry underbrush is what catches flame the quickest and it is also where fire can spread the most quickly – especially if pushed by a wind. A brush clearing company can quickly remove and mulch down the old brush on your property so that there are less concerns about an out of control fire.

Contact a land clearing company for more help in managing the dead plants on your property. For more information, contact a business such as Global Fabrication Inc.