Carve Out A Quiet Sanctuary In Your Yard Or Garden

Posted on: 25 September 2015

Whether you have a large spacious yard taken over by kids' toys and outdoor gear or you simply lack green-space, there are some clever ways to carve out a space of your own. Creating a small sanctuary to sit, relax, read, or entertain is easy with a few basic strategies and some versatile outdoor accent pieces.

Keep the following in mind when carving out your own space outside:

Setting boundaries.

For a really small or crowded green-space, you may want to use bench seating to enclose a deck or lay out the area of your sanctuary. You can also create your own inexpensive panel to serve as a wall by painting lumber and securing it vertically to enclose your space. Urban dwellers or apartment renters may find that potted plants create an adequate enclosure for their space.

Go with groups.

Groupings can be used to create a sense of depth that may be missing from your outdoor space. One way to achieve this is with multiple clay plant pots or vases in varying sizes and heights; group them together for an easy focal point and to make your sanctuary seem larger and taller than if you spread these items around the space. A simple ply-wood deck can give your furniture a sturdy base to set upon.

Simple seating.

You will want a comfy place to sit in your sanctuary, and an inexpensive option is to invest in some folding or stackable chairs for your space. Not only do these take up very little room, but they are versatile enough to accommodate a crowd when the situation warrants. Avoid the temptation of placing indoor furnishings outside, as the moisture, humidity, and weather will wreak havoc on your furniture's finish and could foster mold in upholstered pieces.

Surface solutions.

Pay special attention to the floor under your feet; a great way to designate a specific space to being your sanctuary is by covering the ground with something that outlines your area. For instance, cover a concrete patio or pad with indoor/outdoor carpeting remnants, or weed a grassy spot and cover with an aggregate, such as rock gravel. Consider investing in a simple, free-standing deck to camouflage yard flaws and to provide the perfect surface for your sanctuary.

Lots of lighting.

If you are planning to spend any time outside in the evening, think about the lighting. Be sure that there are adequate ambient and foot-lights in your sanctuary to avoid nasty spills or falls after dark. Even inexpensive solar stake lights, often found at dollar discount stores, make great foot lights to help guests or visitors traverse uneven terrain.

Use these strategies to convert a corner of your yard or garden into your own private sanctuary. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to read or a festive spot to enjoy cocktails with friends, these tips will help to redefine your space and improve the function and character of your outdoor sanctuary.