Why Your Next Home Investment Should Include Insulation

Posted on: 4 September 2015

When you want to make a smart and impacting change in both the cost of living in your home as well as your family's quality of life, you may want to invest in insulation. Whether you have an aging structure or a newer abode, updating your home with insulation can help you reduce noise, lower energy costs, and make your home more comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. So if you want to invest in an easy upgrade that will change your life in a big way, you need to look at residential insulation.

Updates That Go The Distance

If your home is in need of an update, you may want to look beyond the external facade and into what makes things livable in your home, like your insulation. Insulation is not only crucial to keeping your home toasty warm in winter months, but it can reduce overall cooling needs in the summer, lower external sound levels, improve indoor air quality, and reduce exposure to drafts. Insulation that effectively eliminates drafts and exposure to outdoor elements will not only eliminate moisture in your home, but also the outdoor allergens and pollutants that can make your life miserable.

Adding insulation with high R-values provides value to your home by helping it to stay updated with current building code requirements, so you have a higher resale value and better return on your initial investment. Because updating your home with either fiberglass, slag or rock wool insulation increases efficiency by at least 12 BTU's per pound of installed product, you can be sure that your investment will appreciated by you, and any future owner, for many years to come.

The Game Has Changed

From rock wool to mushroom insulation, the game has changed in building materials to give homeowners more affordable, durable, and eco-friendly options when updating from old (or non-existent) insulation. Though fiberglass, slag wool, and rock wool are more traditional home insulators, their content is increasingly composed of recycled components, which helps to provide increased R-values without environmental decline. With spray insulation, you can penetrate recesses of your attic or areas around doors and windows better than ever, offering your home up to 50% better insulation than other materials. Regardless of the insulation you choose for your home, the need for increased energy efficiency and sustainable building practices have created incredible options for updating the comfort and value of your home. Contact a company like Four Seasons Insulation Ltd for more information.