Restoration Tips For Fall Deck Refurbishments And Repairs

Posted on: 3 September 2015

Your deck may have taken it rough this summer with the blazing sun and increased traffic. Before the season passes and winter sets in, take some time to restore and repair your home's deck. This ensures that it will be fresh and ready for spring.

Keep these deck restoration tips in mind:

First things first.

Before you get started on painting or staining areas of your deck, make any repairs that need to be done first. This will make it easier later on to make the new boards meld seamlessly with any existing deck planks. Wait to strip any old wood until the new planks are installed or the boards are repaired so that all of your deck receives the same treatment which will help all of the decking look the same.

Give it a good wash.

Don't underestimate the value of a good power washing; using a high-pressure hose or power washer on your deck can really bring it back to life. A gas or electric powered washer can also save you a lot of time cleaning the deck thoroughly before stripping or staining it. Be sure to test the washer on a nondescript area of your deck first to be sure the spray doesn't damage the finish or planking of your deck.

Don't let stain be a pain.

Staining can be tedious work, so use any tricks or techniques that may make the process a bit less arduous. If your deck is surrounded by lattice-work, use a spray bottle filled with stain to cover the lattice easily and use a brush to catch any drops or excess. Also, paint railings first before deck planking, seating, or steps;you can cover up any drops or spots when you stain the deck's surface afterward.

Watch out for your foliage.

Even if the products that you use claim to be non-toxic for your plants and shrubs, take some precautions to protect your greenery. Give the plants, hedges, or garden a good drink and then wrap them in sheets of clear plastic. Don't leave them like this all day, as the sun can create a green-house effect with the sheeting; wrap the plants, restore your deck, and unwrap promptly.

Fall is a great time to repair and restore your deck before winter. Including deck waterproofing from general contractors, like Hallmark Waterproofing Inc, can also help to prepare your deck. This all will ensure that bad planks or missing boards don't allow winter moisture seep down into the bones of your house. Keep these tips in mind and give your deck a fresh face before the long season ahead.