An Inside Look at Directional Drilling during Line Installation for Business Owners

Posted on: 28 August 2015

One problem with an existing water line can easily disrupt your business operations for days on end and if you are like most business owners, you will do just about anything to see the repair work happen quicker. One easy way to get water lines installed fast and get everything back on track is by hiring a contractor that uses directional drilling operations for the project. Even though directional drilling and boring are common practices in various applications, if you are like a lot of common business owners, you do not have a lot of information about the process. Here are a few of the most frequent concerns about directional drilling and the answers you will want to know before a project gets started. 

Why is directional drilling so much faster than traditional line installation processes?

During the directional drilling process, a trench is made beneath the ground that will accept the new water line. This involves usually only one or two contractors and one piece of equipment. In comparison, installing a water main in the traditional fashion would involve digging a trench from above ground with an excavator or backhoe, installing the new line, and then sealing the ground back up, which is not only more time consuming, but more invasive. 

Is directional drilling harmful to the environment?

Many business owners assume that directional drilling or boring would be harmful to the underlying environment because it involves the use of viscous fluids. However, the fluids that are pumped into the ground as drilling takes place are made of natural emulsifiers and mostly water, which is necessary to keep the drilling mechanism cool as it cuts through rock and dense material. Additionally, directional drilling is less invasive, which means less of an environmental impact. 

How difficult is it to find a contractor who uses boring or drilling equipment?

Even though directional drilling has been around for a long time, it has mainly been used in the oil industry for many years. However, many contractors have started investing in the necessary drilling equipment who are affiliated with various other industries, including water and sewer. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a contractor who has the necessary equipment to perform directional drilling. 

Regardless of why you have to have a water main replaced on your business property, directional drilling is an effective replacement technique that will save you a lot of time and hassle. For more information, talk to a directional drilling contractor like Full Bore Directional Inc. HDD with your questions and concerns.