Laying New Concrete? How To Make It Match Your Pebble Stone Driveway

Posted on: 28 July 2015

If you are laying new concrete addition and connecting it to an aggregate pebble stone driveway, they will not match up very well with each other, as aggregate pebble stone driveways are a brown color. Fortunately, there are ways you can match it up without having to use the same type of driveway that you currently have. 

Colored Concrete

The concrete company can mix in a colored powder or liquid to the concrete as they are mixing it.  You will need to choose the color of the powder or liquid. The contractor may have a color chart to help you choose. When coloring the concrete in this way, the addition will be one uniform color.

Stamped Concrete

The concrete contractor can also use stamps to change the color of the addition. They will have to complete the stamping before the new concrete sets. First, you need to choose your stamps so the color goes well with your driveway. You can also choose stamps with designs on them if you want something unique. The concrete contractor can show you the options you have to choose from.

The contractor will use a color hardener on the concrete first. This generally comes in powder form that is shaken onto the concrete. The next step is to apply a release agent. This agent prevents the stamping mats from sinking down into the concrete. Choose a color of the release agent that goes well with the color of your concrete. For example, you may want to use a little darker tone with a lighter color or vice versa. This release agent is usually sprayed onto the concrete using a pump. The next step is to place the stamps onto the surface

Stained Concrete

Another option is to stain the concrete after it has already dried. The first thing you will have to do is choose a color. You should have many different shades of browns and tans to choose from.

Once you choose a color, the contractor will use an acid stain. This can be dangerous, so it is important that you do not do this yourself. Before they start, the contractor will make sure the surface is completely clean.  Once the concrete is ready, they will apply the acid stain to the concrete using long handled brushes. They will apply an even coat, and let it completely dry. The contractor (such as one from Central Sandblasting & Decorating Ltd) will then likely place a sealant over the stain to block out dirt, small rocks, etc.

Even though your new addition is not made with pebbles, passersby will not even notice the difference when they drive or walk past your house.